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Aviation Firefighter Aptitude Test

Aviation Firefighter Aptitude Test


Aviation rescue fire fighting is a category of fire fighters who are charged with the roles of Rescuing people and protect property in this case there is an aircraft accident during landing, take off and protect it from fire an airport in general. As is the case with other fire fighters, aviation rescue fire fighters have to pass a number of tests and Which include a medical test, a physical fitness test and an aptitude test.

The aviation firefighter aptitude test are used to measure cognitive abilities related work would be of fire fire fighters. They are mostly about measuring the suitability of a candidate for the role with the most commonly used cognitive test being used to measure abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning. 
Usually the fire fighters in aptitude tests can be grouped depending on the type of cognitive ability That they measure. 

Fluid intelligence
Fluid intelligence is described as the ability to think and reason in an abstract manner and it Effectively solve problems through strategic thinking. Such ability is very important That firefighters because they work in conditions where they sometimes have to think fast and out of the box in order to save lives and property. Fluid intelligence tests do not test of verbal ability. 

Crystallized intelligence
This is the ability to learn from past experiences and to find new ways of putting this experience to use. In the real world crystallized intelligence is applied in comprehending work instructions, written reports analyzing, producing reports and using numbers to make effective Decisions. Tests That measure this type of intelligence Involve numerical aptitude tests, verbal aptitude tests, mechanical spatial reasoning tests and aptitude tests. 

The test structure
All aptitude tests Including aviation fire fighters aptitude tests are timed and are at the same time typically multi-choice. It is not uncommon for a bridge answers to seem very similar and deliberately misleading in order create confusion That so much care is needed when answering questions. In most tests the difficulty level Increases as one progresses through the paper. 

Scores and marking
Any score in an aptitude test is related to the performance of an average group although there is a minimum scores expected from everybody who takes the various tests. Usually an average performance is all that is needed in order to pass an aptitude test although this small sometimes depend on the number of people taking part in the test. 

In general aptitude tests have a very high pass rate and the aviation firefighter aptitude test is no different. 



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Aviation Firefighter

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